Discovering places to play

Posted May 19, 2008

Discovering places to play

Kit dreams of having a tree house just like Robin Hood’s, with ropes to swing on and ladders connecting different levels. When her dad builds her a simple tree house, Kit is a little disappointed at first. But she learns to love it even more than a Robin Hood tree house. She knows Dad would have built her a castle in the air if he could have, but all he had was time, wood scraps, and love.

Do you have a special place you like to play? How do you make it your own?

Excerpt from Kit’s Tree House, by Valerie Tripp

Kit Kittredge tilted her head back as far as it would go and looked up at the highest branches of the tree, which looked black and spidery against the blue sky. “You can really see a tree in the fall,” she said to her friends Ruthie and Stirling, who were helping her rake leaves on a cold fall day. “You can really get to know a tree when its leaves are gone.”

“You can really get to know the leaves, too,” teased Ruthie, tossing a handful at Kit. “Closely!”

Kit laughed as the leaves fluttered down around her and her dog, Grace. One leaf landed on Grace’s head like a hat. “Wouldn’t it be great,” said Kit dreamily, “to have a tree house way up there?” She pointed up to the high branches. “You’d be on top of the world. You’d be able to see for miles.”

“Sure,” said Stirling.

But Ruthie said, “Are you crazy, Kit? Those high branches are too skinny to hold a tree house. The lower branches are bigger and stronger. And it wouldn’t be so far to fall if your tree house should come crashing down someday. It would be much smarter to build lower.”

“I guess you’re right,” said Kit. She slid her gaze down, down, down the tree trunk from the high-flying branches to the stout, solid lower branches. But, boing, somehow her gaze bounced right back up to the top of the tree. Kit grinned and went back to work, raking so energetically that the too-short sleeves of her old winter coat rode up and left her wrists bare to the cold. “Someday soon I’ll have the tree house of my dreams,” she said. “I’m determined.”


I like to hang out with my friend on the hammock in my back yard. We like to talk there. other times we'll just sit on the grass and write our books together, giving each other ideas and stuff. It is really fun just to hang out!

My sisters and I play in a small group of trees behind our house house. We have an earth platform to make speeches on and tell each other things, and we play tag and games from our favourite books among the trees. It's really fun there!

My favorite place is my room because I decorated it just the way I wanted. I like to play with all of my American Girl Dolls there. Plus, my dad hand-made all of my furniture so that makes it extra special!

I like to play in my living room or sun room surrounded by my family.I make my spot my own by having my American Girl dolls next to me and my craft things.

I do! Well, I use to, but I use to have a "fort" as I called it. We had a deck, a wooden deck and trees to climb. It was made when I was four and it's still here! That's my special place and I love to play there.

I like to play in a corner of my room. With my typewriter, Kit and Samantha dolls, Mp3 player, and my American Girl Books. it helps because I have 2 baby sisters I share my room with and I need time for myself.

Behind our house is a woods where I like to play. I am really into using wild plants for food, and there is a lot in our woods. Also, I like to sit down there and think, it is very peaceful.

My sister and I like to play in our playroom. We use it as our own office dressing room playroom and because we're home-schooled it's used as a school room too.

I have a small attic in my room, and I turned it into a basicallly a doll sized house! Its the perefect size for a few dolls, and me and my best friend, and its nice to have a space for just us, and the dolls!

I love playing up in my tree, it is so peaceful to just sit and feel the breeze!

My special place is my room. I have all my books, iPod, American Girl dolls, and all my other favortie things! It is my favorite place to go.

My favorite place to be is in my room.I like to play with my AG dolls Elizabeth and Samantha.I also enjoy just sitting on my bed reading.I also enjoy writing my own newspaper in our study/office room.I also really enjoy taking pictures of anything-especially my american girl dolls.

i love to play outside in our tree fort it has a fire pole,a slide,and a ladder

we have a castle tent and another little tent in our house i love to play in them!

I love playing behind the lilac bushes in my best friends house! They make a little hide out, and its so cool!

Our backyard has a tire swing so when I want to I swing on it. Also sometimes me and my sisters swing on it while making up imaginary stories as we go along.

Our backyard also has a pool in it so sometimes me and my sisters swim in it when my mom or dad can watch us.

I also sometimes climb the orange tree that holds our tire swing.

I love my family room were i keep my doll stuff and play.

I love to play in trees like Kirsten I make it my own by putting books in it,because I LOOOOOOOOOVE to read

I play in a area of my room with a wicker table and chairs and a tea set with all of my AG dolls around it. We also love to play Clothing Store and Hair Salon as well.

I like to climb tree's and stuff and bring my dolls

I have this huge walk in closet in my room. My friend Carly, and I love to hang out there. We keep some really awsome stuff in there!

My favorite place to play is my room. It's private and quiet, plus it's my own special space!

One of my favorite places to go is in my bedroom. Since I am an only child, I have a little cozy room all to myself and in there, I love to read, write, listen to classical music, and play with my rat, Remy!

We don't have a treehouse to talk about, but we do have a secret hideaway that we built in the woods behind our aunt's house. We built it ourselves, and it's just like a treehouse. We play games, talk, and we even have food to share. Sometimes, we even bring our AG Today Dolls out and pretend that they're camping out in the woods.

I don't have a tree house but my friend, Taylor,has a great one. Actually, she has two! She and I do funny stuff and draw pictures and eat and by with our AG dolls in it.

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