Dreaming of careers

Posted May 12, 2008

Dreaming of careers

Kit loves writing newspapers for her family to read. In fact, Kit loves writing newspapers so much that she hopes to become a real newspaper reporter one day.

Is there something you love to do today that might become your career when you grow up? What is it, and what kind of job might it lead to?

Excerpt from Changes For Kit!, by Valerie Tripp

Kit smiled as she went inside the big brick building that housed the newspaper offices. She climbed the stairs briskly, her footsteps tsk-tsking as she did. She could just imagine how Uncle Hendrick would tsk-tsk and sniff disdainfully if he knew how she loved to pretend that she was a reporter who worked in this building. She pushed open the door to the newsroom and was greeted with the clamor of telephones ringing, typewriters clacking, and people chatting. The noisy newsroom seemed like heaven to Kit. This is where the newspaper is created, she thought. Stories that thousands of people will read are being written right here, right now.

As she walked through the room to Mr. Gibson’s desk, several people nodded to her. She’d delivered letters to the newspaper offices so many times that her face was familiar. Some of the friendlier reporters even knew her name. “Hi, Kit,” one said as she passed by. “Got another letter for Gibb?”

“Yes, I do,” Kit said. She knew they all called Mr. Gibson, the editor, “Gibb.”

Gibb was not very friendly. He sat frowning behind his messy, cluttered desk. When Kit came near, he said without enthusiasm, “Put it in the box.” He never even looked up.

“Yes, sir,” said Kit. She put Uncle Hendrick’s letter in Gibb’s in-box on top of lots of other letters and a few rolls of film. Then she turned to go.

Kit wished she could linger in the newsroom. How she’d love to talk to the reporters! But she knew she had better hurry home to her chores. Saturday was the day she always washed all the sheets and put fresh ones on the boarders’ beds. It also was the day she and Stirling went around the neighborhood selling eggs. After that, it would be time to help Mother with dinner. Kit was proud of the way she did her chores these days with great efficiency. I bet I can find time to put the finishing touches on my newspaper, she thought, unless Uncle Hendrick has thought up something else for me to do.


I really want to be an Author. So I write little stories, and enter contests. Someday I want to write books and publish them all over the world!

I want to be a radio producer, so I write radio scripts. Than my brother and I preform them on my tape recorder! It is so much fun!

I really want to be a Choreographer and an Author. So I write books. (I am writing 4.) I also dance to CDs at my house. Sometimes I fix my hair for each dance and wear dress-up clothes. I am working on a dance for 2 of my friends and I to perform for our parents. One day I hope to publish my books and make dances for ballet companys around the world.

I want to pose American Girl dolls for the American Girl catalog.So I get my dolls and pose them,then take pictures of them.

Yes, there is a career I'm intersted in! I want to either be a ballet teacher or a school teacher! I've been taking ballet for five years and I think that's what I want to teach!

I want to be a pianist, so I practice by playing offertories at Church. My parents are missionaries, and it's really fun to get involved.

I want to be a lawyer , and I hope
to make the world a better place.

I draw outfits in my spare time. If I can, I think it would be really fun to be a fashion designer.

I'm a very good swimmer and want to win a races when I grow up or be a life guard as a career.

i want to save apes before they are all gone. they are so cute and they are a lot like us. it would be sad if they all died. i love going to the zoo and seeing them all

i want to be a singer, but i dont know how to get started.
i also have writen many books, i'm working on my 1st chapter book right now. but the american girls books have inspired me lots!!!

I love to write, and i write story books a lot. One of my dreams is to become a author. I think it would be so much fun to see your book at a book store. That is one of my biggest dreams!

When I'm older I either want to be an actress or a professional
dancer on Dancing with the Stars. Or maybe a singer I don't know but I mostly want to be a famous dancer.

When I grow up I want to be either an actress a famous dancer on TV or a country singer. If I don't get any of those jobs I might want to work at one of those sanctuaries where they keep big cats. I still have plenty of time to decide though.

when i'm older,I want to be an artist.so I work hard on my drawings and draw all the time.

i really love writing poems! IEven if its for school, or I'm just writing them for fun! I think maybe one day, it might lead to a career publishing a book of children's poems, that would be SO cool, and definantly a dream come true!

i love to play basketball maybe when i am older i will be in womens basketball!!!!

I want to be a dancer when I grow up. I've been taking ballet for almost 3 years now and I'm pretty sure that's what I want to be.

My dream career is to be a doctor.I love to take care of my family members when they are sick so I decided that being a doctor is the dream career for me.

i like to read a lot so i think will be a author or play basketball!

I want to be a ballerina, because I love ballet, and I know a lot about it. I've been taking ballet for three years, and I never get tired of it. Ballet is my dream, and I would really love to do it my whole life.

I would love to be a musician when I am older. I love music, have been playing it since I was 6, and currently play the piano, clarinet, flute, and I am starting the piccolo and the guitar next month! To me, music is my friend and whenever I am sad, it is there to cheer me up.


I would love to be a professional artisit and photographer! I'm taking art classes, and I love taking pictures of everything from flowers to my American Girl dolls!

I love to dance, and want to be a prima ballerina when I grow up. i want to play the part of Clara in the Nutcracker, but I'm too tall, and need to be in a higher level. I've sort of given up that dream, so now I want to play the part of Sleeping Beauty instead. I can promise you I'll never give up that dream!

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