Finding fun for free

Posted May 05, 2008

Finding fun for free

When Kit’s dad loses his job because of the Great Depression, Kit and her family have to pinch every penny. Kit learns to stretch meals, let down hems, turn down the heat, and turn off the lights. Kit’s Penny-Pincher Birthday Party hardly cost a thing, thanks to Aunt Millie’s thriftiness.

What was the most fun you ever had without spending any money?

Excerpt from Happy Birthday, Kit!, by Valerie Tripp

The Penny-Pincher Party was the best birthday party Kit had ever had. Kit’s classmates agreed afterward that it was the best birthday party anyone had ever had.

Aunt Millie had planned the whole party, but everyone helped. Stirling made paper party hats for all the guests, including Grace, who appeared to be under the impression that the party was in her honor. She trotted from guest to guest and leaned up against each one, allowing the chance to pet her. While Mr. Peck played his bass fiddle, Mr. and Mrs. Bell taught the children to square-dance and Miss Hart and Miss Finney taught them to sing “My Darling Clementine.” The ragman was there, and he and Dad gave the children rides on his horse. Charlie took pictures of them with his camera. Aunt Millie’s friend the butcher helped the children cook hot dogs on sticks over a fire, and Mrs. Howard and Mother taught the children to make flower crowns and necklaces.

The children liked Aunt Millie’s penny-pincher lessons best of all. Aunt Millie taught them how to pick the most tender dandelion greens to make a salad. She showed them how to feed the chickens and collect their eggs. She brought out a flour sack full of sunflower seeds and taught the children how to plant, water, and weed. “Remember,” she said, quoting Shakespeare, “sweet flowers take time, weeds make haste.”

When the flour sack was empty, Aunt Millie held it up. “Well,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye. “Look at this. An empty cloth sack. Would you like me to show you how to make bloomers out of this?”

“Yes!” shouted all the children.

“You are so lucky, Kit,” sighed Ruthie. “This is a wonderful party.” The sun had set. The yard was lit with lanterns Aunt Millie had saved from a trash pile and repaired. The lanterns had candles inside them, and they swayed in the soft evening breeze so that their light danced across the grass. Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling were sitting together eating the chocolate roll cake Aunt Millie had made. Ruthie asked, “Do you mind that it’s not a Robin Hood party?”

“You know, in a way it is a Robin Hood party,” Kit said, “because Aunt Millie reminds me of Robin Hood. She doesn’t rob from the rich to give to the poor. But she scrimps and saves and then whatever she has, she gives away. She’s thrifty in order to be generous.”


The most fun I've ever had without spending anything is going to weekly PE softball games. They are SO MUCH FUN!
Maybe I can have a Penny Pincher birthday party, too!

The most fun i had while not spending money, was acting out a play with some of my cousins! We did a play about
some of my Great grandmothers childhood memories! We had a Blast! All her stories were really funny!

Playing dolls with my mom and sewing with her.I also like to play outside with my mom,dad,and 3 brothers.

to have fun for free i play with my kit kitredge doll :)

I love to go on a hike. It's a easy way to have fun and learn things too! Most places don't charge anything to hike.

I don't need to have money to have a good time. As long as I have my AG dolls and my BFF i'm happy.

I used to play with my brother outside. He came up with material so we could play like we were in mid evil times. It was lots of fun and it didn't cost a thing!!

THe most fun I ever had was getting my dog, Sadie. She is a beagle,and just over one year, since basset hounds are simler to bweagles I'm excited to see Kit's dog, Grace.

the most fun i've ever had without spending any money is having a pool party with my best friend.i love swimming!

I lIke to help out my local dog shelter by walking the dogs

I enjoy saving money and having fun by just playing with my little brother and my dad.

I love to play American Girl dolls with my Mommy and two sisters. I also like to play outside and with my St. Bernard, Husker. I just got Kit for my birthday and I am so excited for the movie!!

My little brother and I and our dolls like to go outside, put down a towel or blanket, and play ship! For accessories for yourself, you can use paper towel rolls as telescopes, and/or make hats out of paper!

I love american girl movies, they are such good movies. I think this one will be the best movie they ever made, I am looking forward to seeing it.

I have lots of fun for free with my sisters. Once we played we were going on a cruise in the Arctic! We dressed up in fancy fake furs and silks we found around the house, and costume jewelry was perfect for our fabulous jewels!

i like your books they are really good

The most fun i've had for free was having some friends can make me laugh so hard

Just playing at a friends house or going swimming in the community pool is funa and dousn't cost anything

The most fun I have had without spending money is playing with my dog and daydreaming!!

I play dolls with two of my sisters to have fun for free! I have Elizabeth, Felicity, and Rachel (AGT 28, I think). Me and my sisters have made doll stuff out of boxes, blankets, etc, and arrange it into stores, libraries, houses, we even have a park outside. We use old, big, baby dolls for adults! : ) Altogether it's our town of Pleasant Grove. We have so muc fun playing in it for hours on end! We used our closet for the biggest doll house, and the shelves in it are second and third stories!

My little brother and I like to take small paper cups, fill them with water, and freeze them. Then, when we take the ice out, we take it outside. You can then play ice games, like sliding the ice back and forth to eachother and see who can throw the ice higher or farthest! For fancy ice, put things like rocks in the water before you freeze it!

You can read books!Get one from the the library!There are so many adventures in them!

The most fun I have had without spending money is when I had a penny pincher birthday party.

The most fun that I've had without spending money is going on a nature hike! You get to see really cool things but you don't have to pay to go in it!!!

i spent the whole of my weeked playing with my friends american girls1 we did thier hair ndoutfits and then we de up different story'sfor them. they were diferent to the ones they came with! i have never had so muh fun in my whole life!

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