Following your favorite sport

Posted May 27, 2008

Following your favorite sport

Kit loves everything about baseball. Her favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. She’s a catcher, just like her favorite player, Ernie Lombardi, and her dad, who was a star catcher on his college baseball team.

Do you have a favorite sport you like to watch or play? What is it and what do you like about it?

Excerpt from Kit’s Home Run, by Valerie Tripp

On a hot June afternoon, Kit Kittredge was in her backyard taking a break from her chores and playing catch with her friend Stirling Howard. Kit’s dog, Grace, was there too, snoozing. School was out, the sky was blue, and it was baseball season. Stirling fired a fastball to Kit. It landed solidly in her mitt with a thonk! Kit grinned. She loved that sound. She even liked how Stirling’s fastball stung her hand through the mitt and made it tingle.

“For a skinny guy, you’ve got a pretty good arm,” Kit said to Stirling as she tossed the ball back to him.

Stirling made the catch, then kiddingly flexed his arm to make a muscle. “It’s from carrying all those newspapers,” he said. Stirling had surprised everyone by going out the very first day of summer vacation and finding himself a job selling newspapers on a street corner. He shot the ball back to Kit, who caught it with ease. “And you’re a pretty good catcher—almost as good as Ernie Lombardi!” he joshed.

Ernie Lombardi was the catcher and Kit’s favorite player on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. “Wouldn’t it be great to go to Redland Field and see Ernie play?” Kit asked.

“It sure would,” agreed Stirling. Ernie was his favorite player, too.

Kit sent the ball back to Stirling. “Dad and I went to a Reds’ game last year,” she said. She didn’t have to add, “Before Dad lost his job.” How well Kit remembered every detail of that day at the game: the cheers of the crowd and the crack of the bats smacking the balls, the green of the field, the heat of the sun, and the taste and smell of the mustardy hot dogs.

“We saw Ernie hit a home run,” Kit said to Stirling. “What a hit! And good old Ernie just sort of strolled around the bases. He ran so slowly that he had to dive headfirst into home plate to beat the ball! He almost slowpoked himself out of the run.” Kit chuckled. “Ernie’s a great catcher and a great slugger,” she said. “But he sure is a slow runner.”

“Well,” said Stirling as he tossed a low slider to Kit, “no one’s good at everything. That’s the idea of a team. Everybody does something different to help the team win, right?”


My favorite sport to watch or play is swimming, even though you try to get a good time, and you have to get up at 7:30 almost every morning over summer for practice, it is a lot of fun. I like it more than other sports because you can never get hot, you are in the water! When you jump in I love the rush of cold water when you jump in.


THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO AMERICAN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to watch figure skaters and how they do all those jumps and spins! I like to skate too... although I only skate for fun.

I love to play softball, it's so much fun!

I like to watch football and hockey with my daddy. If I played a sport I would figure skate or play tennis.At home I just swim with my family and friends or play basketball or just run around for fun.

I LOVE soccer. I've played it since I was little. I also enjoy watching soccer. Other than soccer, I like to dance modern. I sometimes watch basketball and football with my family.

My favorite sport to watch is probably football with my Grandmother. At home I like to play basketball and badmitton!

I love to watch baseball and hockey. I can't wait for the Kit movie to come out ! Kit is my favorite american girl .

I love to plat basketball and vollyball !!!!!

I love to play softball. It is so much fun!

My favorite sport is soccer. I love the soccer outfit for dolls in the catalog! Rock on, American Girl!

I love to swim . I am on swimteam. I also play softball. I just can not wait for the movie!


I LOVE to swim! Everyone (almost) that I know calls me a fish!

I love to dance! I do Hip Hop and Ballet! But unfortunatly, a lot of people don't consider dancing as a real sport. You still move around like you would in basketball or softball! Maybe even more!

hi, my favorite sport is hockey.i don't play it but i LOVE to wach it on favorite team is the panthers i wen't to see 2 of their games they lost the first one i saw but won the 2nd. keep up the awsome work american girl!

i love to watch baseball on tv. my fav team is the atlanta braveas. i horseback ride

I love to watch Football. My favorite team is the indianapolis Colts. I also like to play Basketball.

hi, my favorite sport is tennis I like to watch it on TV I don't have a favorite player but I want to be a tennis player when i grow up. _Quinn and her just like you doll

I like baseball!!!! Its a lot of fun!
Can't wait for the Kit movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love to play soccer

hello american girl! my favorite sport is football it's so fun to wach on TV my favorite team are the dolphins _Anna

I like to play softball and basketball. This year I was actually tall enough to get the ball into the hoop! I don't really watch sports on TV very much because I think it is more fun to be in the middle of the action.

I love Kit of course I like Felicity just as much. Like Kit baseball is one of my favorite sports (I don't play on a team just at home) but unlike Kit instead being the catcher I like being the batter.

My favorite sport is swimming.

I LOVE baseball! Thats one of the reasons I love Kit so much. When I play baseball I love batting or pitching. My favorite sound in the whole world is the thunk a ball makes when it hits a woden bat!

hey their! kits the coolest american girl doll EVER! I like softball my favorite team is team usa i don't have a favorite player see ya! lisa and her kit, bitty baby, and nicki doll

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