Choosing a pet

Posted June 02, 2008

Choosing a pet

Kit rescues a droopy basset hound when she finds the dog abandoned on the street. The dog is so clumsy and ungraceful that there is only one thing to call her: Grace.

Do you have a pet? What kind, and how did you decide its name?

Excerpt from Happy Birthday, Kit!, by Valerie Tripp

On the sidewalk ahead, Kit saw a muddy brown lump. She stopped.

“What is it?” asked Stirling.

Kit knelt down next to the lump. “It’s a dog,” she said, gently touching one wet, furry ear. “A poor, starving, pitiful dog.” Attached to a string around the dog’s neck was a soggy piece of paper with a message on it. The rain had blurred the writing so that the words had inky tears dripping from them, but Kit could read them: Can’t feed her any more.

The dog sighed, and looked at Kit with the saddest eyes she’d ever seen. The look went straight to Kit’s heart. “Stirling, this dog has been abandoned,” she said. “We’ve got to bring her home and feed her.”

Stirling didn’t hesitate. “Let’s put her in the wagon,” he said. “Aunt Millie will know how to save her.”

“Come on, old girl,” Kit said softly as she and Stirling awkwardly lifted the dog into the wagon. The poor creature looked like a bag of bones and fur with its short hind legs folded beneath its stomach, its long, forlorn face resting on its muddy front paws, and its droopy ears puddled around its head. The dog did not move or whimper the whole time Kit pulled the wagon home. It did not even lift its head when Kit stopped outside the screen door.

Stirling went into the kitchen and brought Aunt Millie outside.

“You’ve got to help, Aunt Millie,” said Kit. “We think she’s starving.”

“Heavenly day!” said Aunt Millie. She bent down to examine the dog. “You children did the right thing, rescuing this poor dog. She’s a sorrowful sight now, and I don’t suppose she’ll ever be a beauty, but she’s a fine old hound. Not a thing wrong with her that food and loving care won’t cure.”


My cat (her name is Kitty Kitty) recently had kittens, and my favorite kitten is a gray striped one that I named Tabby. She also has an orange spot on her head, so that makes her especially unique!

PS: I LOVE the new Ruthie doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dog is a Cardigan Corgi and her name is Dixie. We found her at the pound and she was already named.

I have a cat named Lucy. She is a Maine Coon. She's fluffy and cute, but, unfortunately, she doesn't like to cuddle. She doesn't meow, because I guess she was born like that. I want to get a Cocker Spaniel dog. i think they are adorable!

my dog's name is rufus. He eats tomatoes. He has long gray ears, and eyes that only see kindness. His favorite song is happy birthday rufus. He will sing along with you weather invited or not. His favorite game is catch the tomatoe.

My family and I have a mix breed dog named Maggie (short for Magnolia, though we never call her magnolia). She is a mix between a wire- haired terrier and a poodle. We named her Magnolia because she is white, and there is also a funny family story that goes with it (which is too long to tell!). I love maggie, because she is a sweet, cute, fluffy dog.

I have a Beta fish named Dr. Pepper. I came up with his name beacause I love the drink Dr. Pepper, and my fish is the same color. I love my fish!

I have a bunny named Sarsparilla. I named it that because it's brown, and when I went to the fair once, there was this old- fashioned rootbeer called Sarsparilla. Rootbeer is brown, so natrually it made me think of my new bunny.

i have a bassit hound, her name is whistle because her bark is much more louder!!!!

my family have a snake her name is corneleis because she is a cornsnake.I like snakes because thy have an interesting way of serviving.

I think that helping the basset hound was a great thing for Kit to do. My friend's mom is a vet and she told me that four guinea pigs were left on the step of her vet clinic in a box with a sign that read: "Found these by the dumpster."
She took them to the animal rescue league. I hope some nice little girl like Kit will adopt them some day!

I have a kitten named Amberlin. It may sound like a weird name, but I named it after my best friend Amberlin, who died of cancer shortly before I got my kitty. I love Amberlin, because she reminds me of myfriend; loving, curious, sweet, friendly, always ready to give, full of joy. I miss Amberlin, but my kitty, her namesake, has helped me a whole lot in overcoming my grief.

I have a monkey named Fifi. He is curious and funny. He makes me laugh. I named him Fifi because I thought it fit him well.

I have a guinea pig named Smudge. I named him Smudge because he had a smudge of carmel colored fur on his white face.

My brother gets a magazine called Clubhouse Jr. I read an article in it one day about hedgehogs. There was a smaller article in it about South african Pigmy Hedgehogs as pets. The picture they showed of it was soooo cute! I knew I had to get one! For my birthday a few weeks later, my parents let me get one! It's a girl with brown and white spots. She fits in my hands! I named her Junior after the magazine. She's now 1 and a half years old.

I have a turtle named Cambodia. I was adopted from Cambodia when I was 3 years old. I found Cambie in a parking lot when I was 6. He's still alive to this day, which is saying a LOT, because I am 11 now. I like Cambie because he's a cool turtle.

My family has like 30 pets,but my favorite pet is Pepper,my dog.She and her sister Star are Dachshunds (hot-dog dogs!),and Pepper is a rescue dog.Her first owner got her as a puppy and named her Pepper,but they returned her because she barked alot.But now she and her sister get to live together! I love Pepper!

I have a West Highland White Terrier named Lily. We decided to name her Lily because she is very sweet like the flower.

When I was little we had a dog named J.D. for John Deere. When I was five J.D. ran away no one had seen him since. It was really sad. I found comfort now when my favorite polar bear at the zoo died by honoring them by using their names for my Webkinz.

I don't have an animal but I love dogs and cats. My dream someday is to get my own dog.

i have a fish i named her after my first fish elesy.

For my brothers birthday, my dad and mom gave him a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and his name is Smoochie Pooh, but we call him Smooch, cause he gives us smooches! Ha!

PS: I want a American Girl doll bad, but I don't have one! I'd get Kit and Ruthie :)

I don't have a pet yet. but I'm getting 2 cats soon.

I got my dog "Earl' at the Amimal Rescue leadgue in my town. We named our dog Earl because my dad always wanted a son named Earl :) . He is a German Shephard and a black Lab mixed.

I have one dog. His name is jack and he is a border collie. We got him and we took a vote on which name fit him best. Jack was the winner.

I used to have a dog, a west highland terrier.He was called Scruffy because he had white raggely hair. I loved him. He died when I was little but he is bueried in our garden and i still remember him.

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