Making up with friends

Posted June 09, 2008

Making up with friends

Even when Kit and her best friend Ruthie have a terrible fight at Christmastime, Ruthie still comes to her rescue when Kit is stranded by an ice storm at mean old Uncle Hendrick’s on Christmas Eve. Kit makes up with Ruthie by giving her a book Kit made herself called, “The Story of Princess Ruthie.”

When you have a fight with a friend, how do you make up?

Excerpt from Kit’s Surprise, by Valerie Tripp

The room Kit was supposed to sleep in was as cold as a tomb and about as cheery. It had brown wallpaper. The bed was huge, with a headboard that had wooden gargoyles carved into it. The blankets were mustard-colored and musty-smelling. They were heavy, but somehow they didn’t keep Kit warm, even though she pulled them up to her nose. No coal fire had been lit in the fireplace for a long, long time. If we are evicted from our house, and we have to come and live with Uncle Hendrick, will this by my room? Kit wondered. She shuddered. I’d rather live in a dungeon.

For endless hours, Kit lay stiff and miserable, listening to the ice pelt against the window and the wind rage and the house creak and shift. After a while, Kit fell asleep.

It seemed as if no time at all had passed before a sound woke her. It was the most peculiar thing. Kit was sure she heard jingle bells. She opened her eyes and realized it was morning. The light in the room was murky because of the heavy curtains drawn shut in front of the window. Kit got up and pulled the curtains open. Suddenly, the room was flooded with dazzling light. The sun, shining on the dripping, melting ice outside, made prisms of light swim and shimmer on the walls. The sound of the jingle bells was louder. Kit looked out the window, squinting because the bright light was so blinding. She blinked. She couldn’t believe what she saw outside on the sidewalk.

Ruthie and Ruthie’s father were standing next to their big black car, jingling bells and looking up at the house.

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” shouted Ruthie when she saw Kit’s face at the window. “We’ve come to rescue you! Hurry up and come down!”

Kit rose up on her toes in happiness. She banged on the window. “I’ll be right there!” she yelled. She’d slept in her clothes, so all she had to do was yank on her shoes, which she did, hopping on one foot and then the other, before she dashed down the stairs. She flung open the door and ran straight to Ruthie. “Oh, Ruthie!” she said. “I’ve never been so happy to see anyone in my life! Thank you for helping me!”

Ruthie smiled. “That’s what friends are for,” she said.


I don't fight with my friends! But If I were to fight with them I would call them up and apologize. But I hope I never have to do that!
P.S. I really like this blog! I also really like the new doll, Ruthie! :)

I would work it out and to show I'm sorry, I would do something nice for her, like put on a play about her or write the best 10 things about her.

I would send my friend an apology letter and I would send her an e-card. I would also make her a gift.

I have fought with my friend a lot :O.....But we all way's say sorry and forgive each other.

i think that i would try not to fight but if that ever happened, then i would still stand with my beliefs and agree to disagree :-)

My friends and I don't fight a lot, but when we do, we always talk it over. : )

when my best friend and I fight I apolgize right away because that i hat friends do

If I accidentally hurt my friend's feelings, I e-mail her a joke or send her an e-card. I also explain to her how I feel about the situation and give her a meaningful apology.

my friends and i apologize to each other and in a few days, start being nice again

I never really fight with my friends. But we do have dissagreements. We both understand what the other person is saying. But still dont always agree. But thats OK you will always have a different thought about something. Its no big deal!

Most of the friends that i have fought with ended up not being good friends. We would argue over really, really stupid things, and one of my friends would start acting really mean to my other friend and i, and we would just leave. We never really apologized with each other, but we just would act like there never was a fight, and that ended up happening way too much. i am kind of quiet and never will stand up for myself. My advice is not to be like me and stand up for yourself! Oh yeah, if you are fighting about something not worth fighting over, and your friend is being really mean to you, that person might not be a great friend.

I've actually never fought with a friend. But if I did, I would give her and myself some time to cool off. Then I would talk it over with her and explain how I had felt. I'd apologize, and encourage her to talk about her feelings so we could see the fight from each other's point of view. I'd tell her that I want to make a better friendship with her, and try to do simple things for my friend, because the simple things make a friendship more magical!

Sometimes me and my cousin fight about things we want to play wit.h i get something and she says she had it so then i just give it to her eventually.... well she is 6 and i am almost 9!!!!!

when my friends and I fight, we usually make up after a few days.:)We pretty much just think it over, and eventually forget about it.

A few years ago, my best friend and I had a HUGE fight because she acted like she was way too cool to be friends with me and started hanging out with an older girl that was mean to me. After a few months, though, our sisters were walking home from school together, and my friend and I talked to each other on the way home and she invited me over. We acted like the fight never happened and we've remained best friends ever since. Therefore, my best advice is to take a break from one another in a fight like that.

well one time me and my friend had a fight i didn't talk to her for a week but we worked it out

I've never fought with a friend but if I did I would tell her I was sorry and make her a card.

I once got in an awful situation with a group of friends. There was a lot of lying, ganging up, jelousy, hateful words. I didn't do much of it, but I was involved. I gave the offended friend a appology card, and we had a tea party all together, and we worked it all out.

when i fight with a friend... it always makes me feel bad. i don't want to apollogize, but i know it's the best thing to do. i get up the nerve to do it, and she apollogizes too... and we make up for it. I always feel great then.

I almost never fight with a friend. If I do, it is only a little argument. Most of the time it is a misunderstanding or different points of view. However, I almost never have a long lasting argument with anyone except my brother. If I ever have one with a friend, I would call her on the phone, e-mail her, write her a letter with an apology, or give her a gift to make up for it and apologize.

When I fight with friends I alwas say I'll never make up with her. But then, we always talk it out and the fight is over.

my friend and i had a big misunderstanding. we wouldn't talk to eachother for days... someone had told her that I had said something i hadn't, and the reverse. we had our feelings really hurt. then one day, the doorbell rang, and there was my friend with a big smile on her face. she held out two tickets to my fave band, and said hop in the car. i told my mom, and she said i could go. i was SO happy. we got things setteled on the way there.

me and my friends figure it out if we get in a fight.If they say I don't want to talk to you again ,since we are good friends, in 5 minutes we are talking again.Sometimes I get mad when they want to be together or talk together or do stuff without me.Somtimes, we give eachother friendship braclets to make up.


and its O.K just make up and it will be fine.Give them somthing or just a simple I'M SORRY.If you always have fights try not to talk to eachother for a few days and you will see you can't live without them.

B.F.F. b.f.f b.f.f b.f.f b.f.f. b.f.f best friends forever

After I have a fight with my friends I just have some alone time to cool down, then I come back and apologize and make it up to my friend by taking them to a movie or buying them ice cream.

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