Offering a helping hand

Posted June 23, 2008

Offering a helping hand

When Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling visit a soup kitchen to donate winter coats, Kit is shocked by how thin and tattered the children’s coats and shoes are. Suddenly, Kit gets a brainstorm about how to draw attention to this terrible problem.

Can you think of some ways you can help people and make your world a better place?

Excerpt from Changes for Kit, by Valerie Tripp

The three children stopped still and stared at the crowded room. An endless line of men, women, and children shuffled in the front door and past the tables where soup, bread, and coffee were served. Every seat at every table was taken, so many people had to eat standing up. Groups of people, grim and gray, were gathered in the corners. Families huddled together wherever they could and spoke in low murmurs. Somewhere a baby was crying. So many people, thought Kit sadly, young and old, and all so hungry and poor.

It made Kit’s heart hurt to see them. One child was wearing a filthy, worn-out, threadbare coat that was much too small. Another wore a ragged overcoat that dragged on the ground. One even wore a blanket tied around his waist with rope. Their shoes were even worse. Some of the children had nothing but rags wrapped around their feet. Others wore broken-down boots with no laces, rubber galoshes they’d lined with old newspapers, or too-small shoes with the front part cut so that their toes poked out.

Kit remembered her own voice saying to Uncle Hendrick, “If people knew about the hobo children…” Kit slid her hand into her pocket to be sure her letter to the newspaper about the hobo children was safe. As she did, she felt something hard in her pocket. It was her camera. Again, she heard her own voice. This time it was saying, “If they saw how terrible the children’s coats and shoes are, I’m sure they’d help.”

Kit had an idea. Eagerly, she took her camera out of her pocket. “Would it be all right if we took some photographs of the children?” she asked the director.

“You must ask the children’s permission and their parents’, too,” answered the director. “If they say yes, it’s all right with me.”

“Thanks!” said Kit. She and Ruthie and Stirling shared a quick grin. Kit did not even have to explain her brainstorm to her friends. They figured it out right away.

“We’ll put the film in the envelope with your letter,” said Ruthie.

“As I always say, a picture tells more about a person than words ever could,” said Stirling.

Then they went into action.


You could give old coats to a charity or raise money for a hospital or animal shelter.You could also save some canned food to give to the needy people.There is lots of ways you could help!!

You could donate old coats to a charity or raise and donate money to a hospital,animal shelter,etc.You could also save canned food for the needy people.

You could donate clothes that you don't wear anymore

I really like helping people. In our church, we have a youth group that helps the church famlies by helping clean up their yards and other stuff, it's really fun!

Dear Kit, Im your best fan.helping poor people would be a great thing. I once went a charity i was shocked to see those kids. They looked so sad i had a pile of stuffed animals in my room. So I took them there the kids were so happy when they saw what i gave them.I felt really good after that.Now i go every day with stuff for them like clothes,shoes,socks,and other stuff. Now I know i'm very helpful to them

To help you could hold bakesales at your school to raise money to donate to the local homeless shelter. You could also start a canned food drive at your parents work, then donate that food to the food bank.

More ways you could help!!

You could also help animals by giving them food if there hungry,doctor them if they are bleeding,or take them to the vet if you can't help them like if they have a broken bone in there body.You could also give money to the St. Jude Children's Hospital.When I was in the first grade we had a thing at my old school called the Mathathon.It was a thing were if you sold so much stuff you could get different prizes.The top prize that one person in the whole school got if they sold 125 things,they got a cd player.There was only like 30 kids at my old school so it was pretty small.I was the one that got the cd player!! I tried to help as much as I could to raise money for the hospital.So you can help in big ways and small and it can really make a difference!!

Twice a year I give away toys, clothes, books, etc. to a sale at my church. Then what's left of the sale goes to needy people. I feel really good when I do this!

In the summer you can donate cold things, such as Jell-O and so on. Sandals as well! Sunscreen and cool clothes!

Pick up trash and things like that.

You could donate food to the homeless shelters and you could go work there to!

hey kit
in the summer can you donate cold things,such as JELL-O and so on

and kit you could also pick up trash so our planet stays clean for-ever

Donating old coats and shoes at your local homeless shelter (just like Kit!) can help change the world (ok, maybe not the world, but at least the lives of a couple people).

Have a bake sale, and donate the money you make to your local animal shelter or homeless shelter!!!! :)



To help people, you could donate food, clothes, toys you don't use anymore, ect. ect. ect.! To help the enviorment, you could pick up litter, recycle, turn off lights when not useing them, turning off water when not useing it, and unplugging things (like a CD player, for example) that use electricity when not useing them, ect. ect. ect!

i read the book so i feel soorry for the poor clidren and grondups so plese help the poor peple out there

At my state track meet, our team held it, and after it was over I had to pick up trash and help clean up.

Every summer for the past 11 years, me,my mom,and my older sister have voluntered @ a comunity garden.Every day,starting in June,me and my family would go to the field to water,weed,pick,wash,and sell the veggies.All of the money we made by selling the veggies went to a charity that helped local family pay thier electric and water bills.Any thing thet we didn't sell we gave to the senior center.Even though it was hard work it mad me feel so good to know that i was helping others.

I help by giving suply's to woman that are on the street that are going to have baby's, and it help's a lot!:)

I have always wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or therapeutic horseback riding center. Helping out people as well as animals is my favorite way to make the world a better place. I also love encouraging people to do things to help the earth, such as recycling.

One time my dad bought me some bread pieces but I wasn't hungry for them so I gave them to a homeless person on the street. It felt good to know that I was helping someone. So, if you have extra food you don't want, give them to a homeless person or donate the food to a shelter.

Dear Kit,
You could give extra money to the poor people on the street, or clothes. There aren't soup kitchens anymore, but you can still help the poor like that. Also, you can recycle, i.e. you could recycle milk jugs and make bird feeders. You could work for charities and donate things.

When my family no longer fits into our clothes, we always donate them to Good Will. It feels good knowing that even though you can't get use out of them, someone else can use old clothes of yours.

You could help at a Comunity Welcome house for women and Children and decorate a room in the house. Make it BRIGHT and enjoyable!

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