Sharing Kit movie thoughts

Posted July 02, 2008

Sharing Kit movie thoughts

What did you think of the Kit movie? What was your favorite part? Who was your favorite character and why? What character in the movie was most like you? If you could be any character, who would you be and why?


i LOVED the movie! it was great and really funny! my favorite character was kit.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think it will be great! I think my favorite charecter will be Grace (the baset hound) because I love dogs.

I haven't seen the Kit movie yet, but I will soon. I have read the books though, and I think I am most like Kit because I am a writer like she is. I can't wait to see the movie! Go Kit!

I L*O*V*E*D The MOVIE!!!!! It was Cool!

The Movie rocked my favorite scene was when Kit asked Ruthie And Sterling, Are you in? And sterling asked do we get payed and kit said no. And Sterling said Ok!

i love kits movie !

i am going to see the movie very soon and i can't wait!! i already know that Kit is going tp be my favorite charecter!! KIT ROCKS!!!!:):)

i loved the movie! it had happy parts and sad parts i like when movies do. if i could be a character i would be ruthie i am not sure why but i would. i was supprise that the little hobo ended up being a girl. i am so glad that it went to theaters and that it played in dallas for the special engagments because i was able to see it before most people. seeing the movie makes me want to get ruthie the doll even more.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but today I'm going with some friends with whom I went to the American Girl Place in Chicago, Illinois. We are all AG fans, and we love Kit! I'm sure the movie will be awesome!

I can't wait to see the movie!!!!!! i think i will be most like Kit because I like writing. Ruthie will be fun too. My dolls and I are having a party today to celebrate the movie!

I really want to see it! It comes out today and I can't wait to see it, but first I have to get my parents OK on it but i saw a movie with my dad because it was his day off work and I don't think they will let me see another movie- :(

The Kit movie sounds really fun to watch and i probally would be mostley Kit but Ruthie to!!!!!! anyways i CANT WAT TO SEE THE KIT MOVIE ITSOUNDS SO FUN!!!!! Kits So COOL!!!

i am going to see it on sunday have not seen it yet! LOL

im am seeing it today and i cannot wait! kit or the monkey will be my my favorite charachters!

i cant wait to see the kit movie it will be awesome exspellially because im going to see it with one of my best friends

I haven't seen the movie, but I just watched the trailor and I know it's great.
On the trailor I saw how funny the librarien was, and I think she will be one of my favorite characters.
I LOVE KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved it! they put a good twist on it to make it different from the book! Overall great movie great book.

I didn't see the movie yet but i know its gonna ROCK!! My fav character is Kit because my personality is like her, I LOVE dogs and have the same thing happening in life. GO KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I could see the movie but I am hoping it comes on sale soon!!! But any way your movie preview was AWESOME!

I haven't seen the movie but i hope i can see it tomarrow on my birthday. but it looks really good because i'm a fan after i heard about that Kit went through the great depression and my grandma went through the great depression too!! so i hope i enjoy the movie. :) ;)

Anna and I are going to the movie @ 6:50 pm today. We're so exicted, we wanted to go to the 9:20 am show it was to early so we have to go later. We have seen 89 different trailers! And we're watching our 90 today before the movie.

I can't wait until the movie comes out!

Is it playing already? Wow. I didn't see it, don't know if i will. :-)

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD. I think my favorite character will be Ruthie or the monkey or maybe Kit. Ruthie is probably most like me. We both have brown hair. If I could be any character, I would probably be Kit or Ruthie. It looks like a great movie!

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